Schuyler Joplin

Scott Clifton, as Schuyler Joplin in the One Life to Live opening sequence.

Scott Clifton (January 9, 2009[1]-April 9, 2010),(July 16, 2010- July 18, 2010)

New Llanview High School teacher Schuyler Joplin befriends student Starr Manning in January 2009 on the heels of the suicide of his mother, Dr. Leah Joplin (Maureen Mueller).[2][1] On August 20, 2008, Todd Manning had visited Dr. Joplin[3][4] — his estranged daughter Starr's obstetrician — and blackmailed her into helping him steal Starr's child after birth rather than let Starr put the baby up for adoption. Todd had discovered that as a teen, a drug-addicted Schuyler had stolen drugs from Llanview Hospital, and that Dr. Joplin had covered it up.[5][6]Though disgusted by Todd's intentions and guilt-ridden over the plot, Dr. Joplin capitulates to Todd's demands (after failing to convince him to change his mind) in order to protect her career. However, the infant is switched at birth with Jessica Buchanan's daughter, who had been stillborn due to Rh disease.[7][8] Thinking she had failed to diagnose the easily-treated syndrome and caused the newborn's death, Dr. Joplin shoots herself in her office and dies on December 4, 2008.[9][10]-->


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