Matthew Twining
William "River" Carpenter is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live.

Actor History:Edit

  • Alexander & Zachary Bliss (1994-1995; recurring)
  • Ryan Marsini (1996-1999; recurring)
  • Matthew Twining (07/2003-08/2004)

Other Information:Edit

  • William Sloan River Carpenter (full name)

Family and relationships:Edit



Marital status:Edit

  • Single

Past marriage(s):Edit

  • None/unknown


  • None/unknown

Other relatives:Edit

  • Sloan Carpenter (adoptive paternal grandfather, deceased)
  • Rebecca Carpenter (adoptive paternal grandmother, deceased)
  • David Ranaldi (adoptive maternal biological grandfather, deceased)
  • Dorian Cramer (adoptive maternal grandmother)
  • Herb Callison (adoptive maternal adoptive grandfather)
  • William Carpenter I (adoptive paternal uncle, deceased)
  • Adriana Cramer (adoptive maternal aunt)
  • Langston Wilde (adoptive maternal adopted aunt)

Flings and relationships:Edit

Also See:Edit

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