Megan Victoria Buchanan Rappaport is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live she is the daughter of Jessica Buchanan Breenan and Will Rappaport

Character HistoryEdit

Conceived during a fling brief fling between Will and Jessia. Megan is born in distress after Dorian Lord hits Jessica Buchanan with her car and megan survives. In 2001 Megan takes a liking to her newly discovered aunt which makes Jessica even more angry with Natalie but soon enough Megan brings Jessica and Natalie closer together. Following Tico's death, Jessica begins to suffer from blackouts and losses of time. It is soon revealed that, like her mother, Jessica suffers from dissociative identity disorder. Jessica discovers her condition, and soon realizes that she is a danger to her daughter and her family so Jessica checks into St Annes but soon Tess emerges and escapes leaving her daughter upset and confused. While Tess is on the run Will tells Viki Megan is going to be living with him until Jessica comes back and is well. Tess returns with a man named Nash Tess tells everyone she is pregnant but does'nt know who the father is Megan overhears the annoucement and is overjoyed to hear she is going to have a new sibling. Megan and meets Nash and tells him she is Jessica's daughter Nash is overthrown ands confronts Tess about her daughter but Tess says "That girl my daughter Jessica carried her not me". Tess goes in to labor and gives birth to a baby girl nameed Bree Breenan which proves Nash is the father. In August Jessica is able to fully integrate the Tess personality into her own, and Jessica and Antonio become engaged. Nash and Antonio form an unlikely friendship as Jessica adjusts to the aspects of Tess now present in her own personality. Jessica marries Antonio in November 2006. After Nash death Megan relizes her mother is Tess and tells her father she thinks Tess has taken Jared and Natalie hostage. After her mother has given birth to her new half sister Chloe Breenan Jessica returns to St Annes saying goodbye to her daughters before she left. After Jessica returns from St Annes Megan blast her for endangering her and her little sisters and tells her mother that their realionship will never be the same and accuses her of never loving her the way she loves Bree and Chloe and Megan tells her mother she is sick of her mothers excuses and just wants to be normal like her friends so Megan tells her mother she is moving in with Will and disowns her mother.

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