Luna Moody Holden
Susan Batten as Luna Moody Holden
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Susan Batten
Current status Deceased
First appearance 1991
Last appearance January 9, 2012
Spouses Max Holden
Children Francis Holden
Leslie Holden

Luna Moody is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. Susan Batten played the role from January 1991 until August 1995, with appearances in 1996, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2012.

Luna is a funny, intelligent woman who is a Southern new-age goddess worshiper. She believes in crystals, horoscopes and auras. She arrives in Llanview by parachute and falls in love with Max Holden. Max's eyes are set on Blair, so they decide to become business partners and open up a health spa called Serenity Springs. During that time, Max tells Luna that nothing romantic can happen between them. Luna starts her own radio show called "Love Line." In that time, she begins receiving poems and love letters from a guy named Suede Pruitt. Suede escapes from prison and makes his way to see Luna to ask for her help. He tells her he is innocent, so Luna consults the goddess, who tells her he is telling the truth. Suede is accused of murdering his wife Deborah, who looks like Luna. Suede tells Luna that Deborah's father, Marcus, is the killer. Max, Luna and Suede plan to set Marcus up to tell the truth. Max is shot and rushed to the hospital; Luna has to go into to a trance to save him. After she saves him, he professes his love to her. They marry in December 1993 and she helps Max with gambling problems. Luna saves Al from death and gets struck by a car. She is paralyzed, but able to walk again. In May 1995, she has twins, Francis Thomas and Leslie Diana. Luna's brother is in danger with a gang called the Arrows, which leads to her getting shot in the stomach in the crossfire. She survives surgery, but later becomes feverish and dies in Max's arms.

Luna returns several times over the years as a spirit. She appears to Max after his son Al dies. She then appears to Cole Thornhart after he is shot by Hannah O'Connor. She tells Cole he can either choose to enter heaven or return to life. Her words make Cole reconsider. When Robert Ford stumbles into Heaven pleading for help, an unprepared Luna can only save one of them and chooses Cole.

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