Darryn and Leah Thompson (February 10, 2003-March 8, 2005)
Saoirse Scott (April 8, 2005-present)[1]

Jamie Reynolds Vega[2] is the daughter of Antonio Vega and Keri Reynolds; originally named Stephanie, she is at first believed to be the child of Keri's mother Liz and another man, the embryo transplanted into Keri. The baby is born and soon determined to actually be the biological child of Keri and boyfriend Antonio. She is later renamed Jamie.

Following Keri's death, Jamie is the subject of a fierce custody battle between her father and maternal grandfather, R.J. Gannon. Jessica Buchanan acts as a mother to Jamie during Jessica's long relationship with (and short marriage to) Antonio, and nearly adopts Jamie before she and Antonio split up. In April 2007, Jamie runs out of Antonio and Jessica's loft as they are arguing. Outside, Jamie runs through Angel Square, directly past Nash and her uncle Cristian, who witness Jamie being hit by a car. Jamie is rushed to the hospital, where she is treated by Dr. Michael McBain and Dr. Paige Miller. Jamie makes a full recovery. After Antonio and Jessica's break up, Antonio briefly leaves town, taking Jamie with him. They soon return.

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