Jamie Franko is a fictional character on the online reboot of OLTL. He is portrayed by Riff Raff as a cameo role on May 7, 2013.

He is a shady Miami, Florida art dealer who comes looking for Cutter Wentworth because he owes him money. Cutter tries to appease Jamie by offering him expensive wine and paying his tab while he's a guest in the club's VIP room. Jamie is not pleased and still wants his money from Cutter. Jamie decides to tell the club's VIP Hostess Rama Patel to send Cutter a message by offering her his services to Rama while taking care of Cutter's debt. Cutter later comes up to Cutter to tell him that his employee Rama isn't for sell, and to give Jamie the money he owed him so that he could kick him out of the club so that he would never come back again.


  • His name is a parody of GH's Robert James "Franco" Frank, who was previously potrayed by James Franco and is currently being played by Roger Howarth (known to OLTL fans as Todd). On GH, Franco is a famous artist/ serial killer. 

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