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JR Chandler
All My Children and One Life to Live
Portrayed by Charlotte and Margaret Baughman (1989–92)
Kevin Alexander (1992–96)
Jesse McCartney (1998–2001)
Jonathan Bennett (2001–02)
Andrew Ridings (2002–03)
Jacob Young (2003–11)
Ryan Bittle (2013—)
Duration 1989–96, 1998–2011, 2013-
First appearance July 3, 1989
Created by Margaret DePriest
Introduced by Felicia Minei Behr
Nickname(s) Junior (used until his early teens; Zach Slater uses this as a condescending term thanks to JR's involvement in Kendall's 2006 coma)
JR stands for the suffix "Jr."
Occupation 50% Shareholder of Chandler Enterprises
Served on the board of directors of Pine Valley Hospital
> CEO of Chandler Enterprises
Head Executive of Chandler Enterprises
Residence Hospital
Parents Adam Chandler
Dixie Cooney
Siblings Skye Quartermaine (legal)
Hayley Vaughan
Anna Claire Chandler
Miguel Reyes
Colby Chandler
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Spouses Babe Carey (2003, 2004–05, 2006–07)
Marissa Tasker (2009–10)
Romances Frankie Stone
Laurie Lewis
Babe Carey
Kendall Hart
Amanda Dillion
Marissa Tasker
Annie Lavery
Children Adam "AJ" Chandler III
Grandparents Paul Hunkle
Bess Cooney
Aunts and uncles Stuart Chandler
Lottie Chandler
William Cortlandt
Melanie Cortlandt Rampal
Del Henry
Di Henry
Palmer Cortlandt
Nieces and nephews Lorenzo Santos
First cousins Ross Chandler
Scott Chandler (adoptive)
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