Hugh Hughes
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Josh Casaubon
Current status Deceased
Duration 2005-06
First appearance July 18, 2005
Last appearance September 21, 2006
Cause/reason Died in a car accident
Created by Dena Higley
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Gender Male
Died September 22, 2006
Cause of death Car Accident
Occupation Asst. District Attorney
Residence Llanview, Pennsylvania
Parents Spencer Truman
Paige Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Hughes
Grandparents Ned Truman
Emma Bradley
Aunts and uncles David Vickers

Hugh Hughes is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. Josh Casaubon played the role from July 18, 2005 until September 21, 2006.

Hugh comes to Llanview as the new Assistant District Attorney. He soon runs into Marcie Walsh, who is being ridiculed by other writers after her novel The Killing Club had been played out by a serial killer. He gives up his evening to take the drunken Marcie home, beginning an unusual friendship between the playboy Hugh and writer Marcie, much to the annoyance of her ex-boyfriend Michael McBain.

Hugh is soon thrown into the seat of district attorney as Nora Hanen is hospitalized. His first big case is the trial of Todd Manning for the murder of pregnant Margaret Cochran. Todd is convicted, but when it is discovered that Todd had been innocent, Hugh immediately apologizes to him for having been the one to put him in prison. Hugh then discovers that doctors Spencer Truman and Paige Miller are his biological parents; Paige had put him up for adoption without telling the evil Spencer that she was pregnant. At Spencer's bail hearing for Margaret Cochran's murder, it appears that Hugh wants Spencer to go free when he agrees to offer him a $1 million bail. However, he and Detective John McBain had planned it in the hopes that Truman would lead them to the gun that he used to kill John's father, Thomas McBain.

Hugh is killed on September 22, 2006 in a car accident, but in a case of mistaken identity he is thought to have survived and been bandaged for his burns. In reality, it is John McBain (who had also been in the accident) under the bandages while Hugh is buried in what everyone thought was John's grave

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